Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 - The Complete Reference by David M. Sterling

"Event ID 1314 using SharePoint Pages" by DavidMSterling on November 17, 2007, 3:36 am, in category General
When working with Page Layouts and custom Site Content types, you might encounter that users cannot access pages that are created, usually returning the Access Denied message and prompted to login as a different user. This is particularly a problem with Anonymous Access.

If you examine the System Event Application Log, you'll see that ASP.NET will flag an Information message with Event ID 1314 "Access Denied".

The root of the problem is based on the Security settings in MOSS. By default, pages added to the Master Page and Page Layouts do not have all of the SharePoint Groups added to enable them access (particularly Visitors and Members).

The simple fix:

Go to Site Settings | Modify All Site Settings

Under galleries, click on Master Pages and Page Layout

Right click on the page in question and select Manage Permissions

From here you can either modify the page permissions itself (a one off for this page only) or select to manage the Parent permissions (for all pages)

Add appropriate group (i.e. Members) and give them at lead View or Read access

Login as a low permission user to verify it's fixed

Happy ECM!!!!